The end-to-end sustainability solution.

CO2 AI is helping large and complex organizations measure their impact, identify credible levers and reduce at scale, leveraging the power of AI.

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Trusted by 90+ international companies

Obtain your corporate carbon footprint in weeks.

ETL pipelines connecting to all your activity data.
AI-powered emissions factors matching to increase quality and speed by 90%.
Send direct requests for primary data across your entire supplier network through CDP via Product Ecosystem

Collaborate across the value chain to decarbonize.

Pre-built data visualizations to identify emissions hotspots.
Product-level carbon footprints with full transparency and traceability.
Roadmap and initiatives, broken down by teams and products.

Meet your Net Zero targets effortlessly.

Visualize the impact of your reduction initiatives, and these of all your suppliers.
Factor in your business forecasts and communicate progress across your entire organization.
Quarterly data refreshes to help you remain on track.

Are you in the race to Net Zero?

Only 10% of enterprises measure emissions comprehensively and only 14% effectively reduce emissions in line with targets.
Why Some Companies Are Ahead in the Race to Net Zero ?

Your journey to corporate emissions reduction


Build your corporate carbon footprint and analyze your emissions hotspots.


Seamlessly build audit-ready reports for CSRD, CDP, and more.

Set target

Set concrete emissions reduction targets for your company and entire value chain.

Decarbonize at scale

Implement immediate sustainability initiatives that match your business forecasts.

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Comply with international standards and regulations

Time to act now.

Experience the power of our AI-driven sustainability platform.

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