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May 28, 2024
11 am-12 pm ET

How Generative AI helps companies reach Net Zero

Applications of Generative AI in the enterprise are rising across fields. Given the volume of activity data, climate action is ripe for acceleration. Listen from Reckitt, BCG and CO2 AI.

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Why and how to set sustainability targets

Learn how to set and track Net Zero targets, align executive leadership, and engage your entire value chain to reduce emissions across all scopes, with insights from Sysco.

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Reducing Scope 3 emissions, for real

Learn how to move from target-setting to actionable decarbonization featuring industry experts from CDP, World Benchmarking Alliances and CO2 AI, discussing Scope 3 data challenges and best practices for sustainable procurement.

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Measuring Product Carbon Footprint at scale

Explore the complexities of PCF measurement across the supply chain, including including upcoming regulations and best practices for scaling to thousands of products with Quantis, WBCSD, and CO2 AI.

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Navigating CBAM and the new era of carbon measurement

Join PIK, BCG and CO2 AI to explore the impact of the CBAM. Learn how to calculate and report product carbon footprints, manage compliance, and uncover opportunities to reduce emissions and gain a competitive edge.

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Cultivating a future-forward food, beverage & agriculture landscape through regulation and innovation

Join experts from BCG and WBCSD, in a dynamic webinar to explore sustainable practices in the food, beverage, and agriculture sector, with insights on industry innovations, regulations, and collaborative partnerships.

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A Closer Look at Scope 3 Data and How to Enable Effective Decarbonisation Across the Value Chain

Together with Volvo and CDP, we cover the importance of reducing Scope 3 emissions, as well as the journey from sustainability strategy to operational sustainable procurement.

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