CO2 AI and Quantis announce strategic partnership

This partnership will help large corporations across industries drive substantial reduction in Scope 3 emissions.

Paris, February 29, 2024 – In a landmark initiative for sustainable business practices, CO2 AI, the end-to-end sustainability solution, and Quantis, a global sustainability consultancy, have established a strategic partnership.

This partnership aims to drive substantial reductions in Scope 3 emissions across various industries and represents a significant leap forward in leveraging digital solutions to combat climate change. This collaboration is already proving its value through a pioneering project with Reckitt, a leading producer of health, hygiene, and nutrition products.

Strategic collaboration turned immediate impact

The partnership between CO2 AI and Quantis sets a precedent for how companies can leverage digital solutions to address complex sustainability challenges. By bringing together Quantis’ deep expertise in sustainability strategies and CO2 AI’s advanced analytical capabilities, the partnership has delivered a scalable model for achieving Net Zero carbon emissions and exemplifies the capacity for immediate and impactful sustainability solutions.

Empowering change at Reckitt

The collaboration empowers Reckitt’s teams, from procurement to its global executive committee, with the tools and data necessary to take action and drive meaningful change. Operational teams can now visualize their direct contributions to emissions reduction, fostering a culture of accountability and progress. Meanwhile, executive leadership benefits from automated updates on the company’s carbon footprint, ensuring that Reckitt remains on track to meet its ambitious targets.

A lasting arrangement for broader impact

The collaboration is designed as a lasting arrangement, offering other companies a robust pathway to decarbonization. The partnership’s approach combines detailed emissions data collection with strategic insights, empowering businesses to make informed decisions toward their sustainability goals. This model supports companies in achieving ambitious targets and serves as a beacon for other organizations committed to environmental responsibility.

Empowering change, setting new standards

Quantis and CO2 AI’s partnership is more than a strategic alliance. It sets a new standard for addressing Scope 3 emissions and serves as a model for how digitization can pave the way for companies to reach Net Zero. By combining deep sustainability expertise with advanced technology, CO2 AI and Quantis demonstrate that significant progress toward decarbonization is possible and achievable.

We believe in the power of data and AI to accelerate our progress on the net zero journey and are delighted to partner with CO2 AI and Quantis in that space.

Fabrice Beaulieu, Chief Marketing Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Officer

The Quantis team’s expertise complements our technology to help companies identify emissions hotspots, implement concrete reduction initiatives across the organizations and their supply chain, and track progress at scale.

Charlotte Degot, CEO and Co-founder

We are proud to be partnering with CO2 AI to help organizations around the world reach their ambitious commitments to sustainability. Digitalizing the corporate footprint is a critical step to ensure reduction of environmental impacts at scale. In business it’s not enough to just make an ask, you make the case through data.

Allon Zeitoun, Global Leader and Managing Director

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About CO2 AI

CO2 AI, the end-to-end sustainability solution, is helping large and complex organizations measure their impact, identify credible levers and reduce at scale, leveraging the power of AI.  

About Quantis

Quantis is a global sustainability consultancy pioneering approaches to solve critical environmental challenges. The group partners with leading organizations who are serious about reducing their environmental impacts to future-proof their businesses and prosper in a new planetary economy.

Quantis’ unique approach combines deep environmental expertise, strategic business knowledge, and enterprise transformation skills to help organizations shape policies, practices and business models that align with the planet’s capacity while building resilience, unlocking innovation, and optimizing performance. With offices in the US, France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy and clients around the world, Quantis is a key partner in inspiring sustainable change on a global scale.

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