Measure and reduce your corporate emissions. At scale.

Our AI-powered platform analyzes your data to identify and implement effective reduction strategies.

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Measure accurately and automatically, at all levels of granularity.

Solve your data issue: consolidate complex data, use AI to compute emission accurately and efficiency, and understand your impact.

Access to 110K+ emissions factors, and increase accuracy and speed by 90% with AI.


Be fully compliant: seamlessly create extracts for voluntary and mandatory disclosures (CDP, TCFD, CSRD, SEC…).

Define a Net Zero strategy.

Drive actionable strategies: identify hotspots and model reduction initiatives, set targets and build roadmap.

Browse constantly refreshed abatement levers library to create more initiatives to meet your target.

Manage end-to-end corporate decarbonization efforts.

Transform your business: bring transparency with a single source of truth, empower your teams, and track progress.

All initiatives can be monitored at granular level by business unit, geography, products…

Within weeks, CO2 AI deployed a dynamic emissions platform tool connected to ATD’s IT systems, quantifying tens of millions of rows of data monthly, and allowing them to accurately measure the carbon footprint of their operations to not only meet their reporting requirements, but also provide reporting to partners.

We needed a tool that was smart not just in data collection, but (also) in data interpretation, and that is where we came together with CO2 AI.

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Felix Schmitz, CEO of Kloeckner Metals Germany Former Head of Strategic Sustainability and Head of Investor Relations at Klöckner & Co.

Ready. Set. Net Zero.

Emission Factors

The most reliable and expansive databases: more than 110,000 emission factors available.

Outbound API

Full integration of sustainability data into your existing tech stack.

AI-powered matching

Easily match Emission Factors to improve your footprint accuracy while saving time.

Glidepath simulation

Advanced simulation to create granular roadmaps and see the impact.

Progress tracking

Easy refresh to track progress.

Customizable dashboards

Transparency to your sustainability strategy for your entire organization.

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