Automate your carbon footprint and reduce impact at product level.

Stand out from competition with sustainable practices for long-lasting competitive advantage.

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Automate the carbon footprint calculation of your entire product catalog.

Our scalable calculation process bridges the gap between multiple data sources (BOM, purchased goods lists, energy consumption, etc.) All your products environmental impact are computed effortlessly — and faster than ever.

Secure total transparency and traceability.

Our advanced traceability functionalities ensure your emission data is fully auditable, offering transparency into every aspect of your calculations.

Share data with your customers to distinguish your brand.

Set your brand apart by sharing detailed product-level environmental data with your customers, in line with Pathfinder and PEF guidelines for eco-transparency.

Lead decarbonization initiatives through innovative eco-design practices.

Make eco-design simulations using our user-friendly interface, improve your data quality, and manage your decarbonization journey at product-level.

The calculator provided as part of Product Ecosystem is an amazing first step for suppliers to help them familiarize with LCA computations and identify the main areas they have to assess more precisely as they become more and more knowledgeable about sustainability.

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Ready. Set. Net Zero.

Product Ecosystem with CDP

Share product-level environmental data with your customers, following Pathfinder & PEF guidelines.

Emission Factors

The most reliable and expansive databases: More than 100,000 Emission Factors.

AI-powered EF matching

Enabling you to scale your PCF calculation process.

Audit trail

Full traceability of all calculation steps.

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