Collaborate with your key suppliers and leverage primary product-level data.

In partnership with CDP, join our platform Product Ecosystem to embark on a collaborative reduction path with your suppliers.

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Easily connect with your key suppliers to send them tailor-made data requests.

Import your product portfolio and include your suppliers contact details to quickly extend invitations.

Collect secure & auditable product-level data at scale.

On Product Ecosystem, your suppliers will have the capability to upload their existing Product Carbon Footprints or Life Cycle Assessments, along with audit proofs.

They can also utilize our self-service product emission calculator, helping them to compute high-level product footprint effortlessly.

Respond to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) questionnaire.

Product Ecosystem originates from our partnership with CDP. The data gathered onto the platform can be harnessed to fulfil your commitments to the CDP.

Decarbonise your Scope 3.1 emissions accurately.

Leverage product level data collected on Product Ecosystem within our Corporate module or our Product Carbon Footprint module to decarbonise your value chain at scale.

Product Ecosystem has enabled 100+ CDP Supply Chain members to collect primary product-level carbon data facilitating the identification of credible reduction levers.

Dexter Galvin, Chief Commercial and Partnerships Officer of CDP

Ready. Set. Net Zero.

Enhanced your supplier engagement strategy.

Collect primary data from your suppliers in a seamless way.

Self-service emission calculator.

Easily compute high-level product carbon footprint.

Secured and centralised infrastructure.

One single source of truth to exchange product level data.

Emission Factors database.

Prominent and reliable databases to compute your product level footprints.

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