Decarbonize your supply chain effectively.
Make a real change.

Embark on a collaborative reduction path with your suppliers to meet your Scope 3 goals.

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Build an actionable Scope 3 footprint.

Optimize your sustainability strategy: refine data into a detailed emission footprint, spotlighting critical areas across suppliers and product life cycles.

Mobilize your buying division in your decarbonization journey.

Operationalize at scale: give your team the tools to make purchases that drive your reduction goals forward.

Amplify collaboration with your suppliers.

Work closely with your suppliers, assisting them to evaluate and reduce their product emissions, leveraging our unique partnership with CDP.

Lead & track your sustainability progress.

Continuously track your suppliers' contributions, chart their progress, and achieve tangible reductions aligned with your company-level targets.

Product Ecosystem

In exclusive partnership with CDP, CO2 AI is building Product Ecosystem. The collaborative reference platform is designed to standardize product-level data sharing and collaboration across an organization entire value chain.

A secured infrastructure to collaborate with your suppliers on product-level data
A self-service product emission calculator, helping to quickly estimate high-level product footprint
A place to validate supplier primary data granularity to reduce Scope 3 emission
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We expect the CO2 AI tool will help us measure emissions even more accurately, and more importantly accelerate decarbonization of our supply chain at scale.

Senior Sustainability Manager within Procurement
A leading transportation, mobility, and construction equipment provider

Emissions heat maps have opened up transparent conversations on reduction with our suppliers where we didn’t have them before.

Emily Jackson, SVP Sustainability
The Economist

Ready. Set. Net Zero.

Product Ecosystem

Collect primary data from your suppliers in a seamless way.

Intuitive reduction lever modelling

Enable any user with no sustainability knowledge to simulate & track reduction.

Operational targets

Define targets by year/function within your organisation, customize with your suppliers.

Reduction levers library

Simulate changes and estimate reduction for each initiative, secure your supplier commitment.

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